The Definitive Guide to bag

You may burn certain leather-based in a furnance to acquire tanned leather-based. One coal is adequate for eight tanned leather.

The backpack mod adds sixteen backpacks to minecraft all distinctive colours, the backpacks are utilised as moveable inventory chests. Cary inventory In the backpacks without having to head to chests.

→ ちょっと私のかばんを見張っていただけますか? → 잠깐만 제 가방을 봐 주시겠어요? → Kunt u even op mijn tas letten? → Kunne du passe på vesken min et øyeblikk? → Czy mógłby Panprzez chwilę popilnować mój bagaż? → O senhor poderia vigiar minha bagagem por um minuto, por favor? → Не могли бы Вы минутку посмотреть за моей сумкой? → Skulle ni kunna vakta min väska ett ögonblick? → คุณช่วยดูกระเป๋าให้ฉันสักครู่หนึ่งได้ไหม? → Bir dakikalığına çantama göz kulak olur musunuz lütfen? → Bạn làm ơn trông giúp tôi cái túi một chút được không? → 请帮我照应着我的包

container - any object that can be utilized to maintain factors (Specifically a sizable metallic boxlike item of standardized Proportions which can be loaded from a single sort of transportation to a different)

→ حَقِيبَة taška taske Tasche τσάντα bolsa laukku sac torba borsa かばん 가방 zak pose torba bolsa, saco сумка väska กระเป๋า ถุง torba túi 袋子

Inspite of their simplicity, bags are fundamental for the development of human civilization, as they permit people to easily obtain loose materials including berries or food stuff grains, and to transport far more merchandise than could easily be carried inside the arms.

steal - just take with no owner's consent; "Somebody stole my wallet on the train"; "This writer stole overall paragraphs from my dissertation"

A bag (also known regionally to be a sack) is a standard Device in the form of a non-rigid container. The use of luggage predates recorded heritage, Together with the earliest baggage getting no more than lengths of animal pores and skin, cotton, or woven plant fibers, folded up at the sides and secured in that form with strings of the Source identical materials.[one]

third foundation, third - the base that need to be touched third by a foundation runner in baseball; "he was reduce an in depth play at 3rd"

حَقِيبَةحَقيبَه، كيسقنيص، محصول قَنيص، مَحْصول الصَّيْديَضَعُ في كيس أو حَقيبَه، يُعَبّئيَقْنُصُ ، يَصطاد، يَقْتُلُ

air bag - a security restraint in an auto; the bag inflates on collision and prevents the motive force or passenger from getting thrown ahead

feedbag, nosebag - a canvas bag that is certainly utilized to feed an animal (for instance a horse); handles the muzzle and fastens at the best of The pinnacle

overnight bag, overnight case, overnighter - a little touring bag to hold garments and equipment for remaining overnight

On days when you're touring prolonged distances or simply want to fulfill up with pals without carrying your overall existence with you with your pocketbook, a multipurpose wallet can hold lots of things and serve many functions, doing away with the need to have one hundred other items along with you. 

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